Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Met

こんしゅうの すいようびに わたしは せんせいと The Metびじゅつかんへ いきます。 ちゅうごくの が を みます。

This will be my first trip to the Met viewing Chinese painting from the storage, not in the exhibition area. As a fledgling art historian, I must say that viewing works of art in person is completely different from looking at slides in class or reproductions in catalogues. I am quite excited about our visit to the Met, except that there will be a big Japanese exam the next day and that definitely dampens the excitement…(hint to my Sensei…)

Nevertheless, I still very much look forward to it. A few weeks ago, Professor McKelway took a few of us graduate students to the Burke Collection, the largest and most prestigious private collection of Japanese art outside of Japan. All I have to say is that, Japanese screen painting has never looked so vivid and brilliant. I think I have been spoiled, and reproduction will never satisfy me again. In the US, accessibility of great works of art is only available in New York – one of the main reasons that I came to Columbia. So those of you who flinches at the thought of visiting museums, いつしょに びじゅつかんへ いきませんか。


Kate S said...

すごいですね!!!That's so neat!! I've always loved going to see the Asian exhibits at the Met... I think I've seen them a billion times... what an opportunity!

なずきあん said...


the Met、びじゅつかんは 大きいですね。
わたしも 16年前(16 years ago!!)に、行きました。