Monday, October 15, 2007

Do you like snowboarding?

こんばんは。わたしは しちじはんに ばんごはんを たべました。それから べんきょうしました。

Snowboarding は にほんごで なんですか。Because right now I rather talk about snowboarding than study. These pictures were taken during one of our trips to Squaw Valley (by Lake Tahoe, where the 1960 Winter Olympics was held) . In the second picture, you could see Lake Tahoe in the distance and I was sitting at 8,200 feet elevation. That's one of the main things I miss about San Francisco - you are just a 3-hour drive away from the world-class skiing of Lake Tahoe, and there are dozens of ski resorts to choose from. There are 4000 acres of skiable terrain in Squaw Valley alone. 4000 ACRES! Apparently, there is nothing comparable here at the east coast. I guess I just need to take up a new winter activity, such as ...knitting? Any suggestions? Honestly, I am not a great snowboarder - I still get face-plants. But despite the occasional, inevitable face-plants, I still enjoy it immensely.


さとう said...


Jackie J said...

So coool!!!

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